Tuesday, May 12, 2009

phenomenal hand clap band @ southpaw

must neighborhood venue: southpaw. i can't believe it's taken me this long to hit up southpaw. i have been looking at the calendar, but not until tonight had i found a reason to go. colt 45 sponsored a free gig at southpaw with phenomenal hand clap band headlining. hurrah! i had to sit through the horrendous golden triangle. man, the only good part of their set is that it made me appreciate phcb more.

i was really wishing i was donning some polyester threads with a wild pattern. i really dug laura's red dress too. very simple and chic. (sorry no pics because i was lame and forgot my camera) she was extra adorable singing the chorus to "15 to 20".

before the second to last track, daniel requested some light dimming. his request was granted and then the disco ball was spinning. AWESOME! clap clap clap...cow bell.

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