Wednesday, May 13, 2009

pomegranates @ mercury lounge (w/ wye oak)

belated greeting to a beloved ohioan band: pomegranates at mercury lounge. okay, i've been waiting and waiting to see the boys from cincy for quite some time. i got shut out of their gig at bell house supporting the french kicks back in mid-february. mostly my fault because i assumed i could walk in for tickets. i was wrong and ended up drinking my sorrows in the front bar. zaid was there for said night and it was only fitting that i check out his pad pre-show tonight.

going solo to see the pomegranates offered a nice spot up front. they were all i was expecting - cute boys playing indie pop goodness. no nonsense, no gimmick, just good tunes. for the last song, joey invited a kexp dude on stage to shake the tambourine.

joey was standing literally 20 feet from me enjoying wye oak post-set. i was really sleepy and couldn't bring myself to say anything. not even a generic "great set!" sigh.

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