Sunday, June 14, 2009

farmer shar

best way to get down and dirty with your foods: field trip to la baraja. i joined the tribeca csa with jac a month back after getting shut out of the prospect heights chapter. the good thing about the tribeca csa is that it's their first year, so we, as founding members, have a hand at what the farm grows. so when i heard there was a field trip, shar was anxious to sign up. mollie and teresa jumped on the bandwagon for this uber tasty trip. boy was it was it a treat to head up to goshen.

update: more words and pics here.


Angela said...

Your CSA looks awesome! Though not sure about the muddy foot... Now where do my veggies come from?

Mollie said...

I like your duck picture! So talented with the camera... they were so beautiful!

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