Friday, June 12, 2009

fltgc: drift @ glowlab

best shipwrecked exhibit: drift at glowlab. i heard about this exhibit last time i was at glowlab and i was psyched to hit it up for fltgc after it's opening yesterday night. drift is inspired by swoon's swimming cities of serenissima, which is an offshoot of swimming cities of switchback sea. though glowlab's space is tiny you could get a sense of the expanse of the project and it's collaborators.

the gallery lady (not christina) pointed me towards the video shot by santiago mostyn of his time with the miss rockaway armada.

i really want this untitled by swoon. only $700.

i really dug javier pinon's falling silhouettes against iconic americana landscapes. like rodeo riders tossed into an abyss of where the buffalo roam.

mixed media sculpture by matthew lusk

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