Saturday, June 6, 2009

pink mountaintops @ bell house

best bearded brooklyn show: pink mountaintops at bell house. this was a julie recommendation and when julie recs one goes. cora was in town and was game for some canadian indie rock action. we missed a bit of the beginning, but was there in time for "axis: thrones of love". they didn't sing my fav, "while we were dreaming". maybe it's because sophie wasn't there or singing.
anyhoot, i was able to grab the setlist afterwards. two, in fact, but one for another concert goer.
axis: thrones of love
the gayest of sunbeams
closer to heaven
plastic man, you're the devil
sweet '69
and i thank you
outside love
single life
in your town

julie the setlist is your's. send me your snail mail addy.


Anonymous said...

you missed the opening band? quest for fire are even better.

sharock said...

sad but true. i will have to check quest of fire the next time they swing into ny.

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