Friday, June 5, 2009

fltgc: heart of the woman @ openhouse and reef

most heaving with romance exhibit: heart of the woman at openhouse. jac picked this for fltgc, which is not surprising and almost appropriate because i have memories of her and her sisters reading harlequin novels in junior high. this exhibit went through the decades of covers from westerns to doctors. there was a special exhibit dedicated to the cover artists, mostly all from canada or new york.

the best part was the make your own harlequin cover. it was a little tricky to figure out out, but once we had it going hilarity ensued. below is jac's awesome cover. my code to pick up my cover didn't work, but i can report that i picked the cover for bedded by a billionaire. i know your bummed. zaid, you totally missed out. you could have been fabio!

surprise public art installation: reef on 97 kenmare street. on our way back from the harlequin romantic goodness, we happened upon this architectural, aesthetic gem by rob ley and joshua g. stein. it's suppose to move, but it was still when we were there. here is what it's suppose to look like in movement:

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