Tuesday, June 9, 2009

reasons to be pretty

must catch before it closes broadway show: reasons to be pretty. i have been meaning to catch this since it opened and with the recent news that it's closing this week i was on this pronto. angela scored us student rush tickets and we were there. thanks angela! neil lebute writes enthralling, yet biting dialogue that cuts to the core. also, i love mr. lebute for introducing me to aaron eckhart via in the company of men. he has always been able to capture the everyday man's vernacular to a tee and in this play a remark about a face being "regular" sets off a windfall of expletives. it's quite the commentary on physical beauty. it made me think of what i think of beauty. plain to me is beautiful. t-shirts and jeans. okay a dress here and there, but on the whole i love to be casually comfy. i identified with steph (girl with the regular face), but i didn't like how she prettied it up in the end. love being comfortable in your skin. that's true beauty, right?

1 comment:

Angela said...

It was fun going with you! I def agree on your commentary. I can definitely identify with the ending of the play too.

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