Wednesday, June 24, 2009

shar hearts wnyc

reason to consider going back to npr: wnyc. it's been almost two years since i was employed at a npr affiliated establishment. my pal adam who i used work with at the former npr station was kind enough to get me into check out the rival station.

first stop, soundcheck studios for some iggy pop one on one. he sure was eloquent and surprisingly deep. i'm not sure about his new concept album, preliminaires.

that was followed by a set by elizabeth and the catapult.

lastly, a short tour of the station. kinda puts the Q to shame. sorry Q still love you and technically i'm still pledging your services even though i don't use them anymore.

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Andy Joe said...

i caught iggy's recent fresh air interview. one insight he offered about the new album: preliminaires translates as 'foreplay.' so he remains cheeky even when recording standards. p.s. your loyalty to hometown teams/stations is unparalleled.

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