Friday, June 26, 2009

st. vincent @ bell house

best "secret" show: st. vincent at bell house. i was on this once i heard the word from my trusty bell house newsletter. shar is indeed one of the bell house's much frequent customers. thanks for getting a super duper awesome act for appreciation night. sure, i just saw her about a month ago. i can't get enough of her and at my fav venue for only $10. i could not pass that up.

it's the first time i've seen annie perform in an outfit that wasn't all black. she opened with "marry me", which was fitting since several guys professed their desire to propose matrimony to the fair annie. she continued with selections from "actor", including "the strangers", "black rainbow" and "actor out of work".

notable was her solo rendition of "paris is burning". just annie and her electric guitar. twas perfection. also, on "marrow" she called her gal pals to h-e-l-p.
on her last song, "your lips are red", she lost her pick, but luckily an audience member retrieved it for her.
indie rock repeat offender: sondre lerche. dude, this guy is on the indie rock. i saw him at bh last time for doe. saw him again at doe's gig at pop rally. this time i'm pretty sure he was with the same lady friend from pop rally. dude was right behind me exiting the show. shar's got a sondre shadow.

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Virginia said...

Ooh cute outfit on her! "Your skin's so fair, it's not fair..."

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