Wednesday, May 20, 2009

st. vincent @ webster hall

must rock out of a disney inspired album: st. vincent at webster hall. oh annie, how shar has waited and waited and waited for your fairness to grace thee. you did not disappoint. i haven't seen you since your gig at cafe du nord back in august of 2007 and with your new album in tow you brought it. you also won some new fans in karen and virginia, who accompanied me to your ball.

here's my recollection of the set list:
the strangers
laughing with a mouth of blood
now, now
actor out of work
the party
oh my god (annie labels as uber special "b-side, japanese import, itunes exclusive")
the bed
save me from what i am
black rainbow
just the same but brand new

marry me
your lips are red

special guest in the balcony: david byrne. oh yes, shar caught you admiring annie from a far.

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