Tuesday, May 19, 2009

iron and wine encore

best encore: iron & wine on late night with jimmy fallon. i was pleasantly surprised with entrance confirmation to the band stand seats for sam's set. sorry i still haven't mastered clear pics of tickets. anyhoot, it was a treat to see sam again on the day of the release of around the well.

he sang a new tune "godless brother in love". it was quite appropriate to have his sister, sarah, singing back-up. i was front and kinda center on the band stand directly behind sam. look for the bespectacled lady in a red top over sam's right shoulder. saki, i'm wearing your top. it's like you were there. mollie was really there standing to my right.

belated realization: iron and wine played sun god. holy heck. my alma mater got sam to play sun god. dude, they didn't have cool bands when i attended. this year they not only had sam gracing the fine stage on rimac field, but they freakin' got n.e.r.d. and girl talk too.

missed cover: iron and wine covering new order's "love vigilantes". i guess that's why it took them a while to get us in the studio.

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