Monday, May 18, 2009

trl: iron & wine

best trl set: iron and wine at arbrons art center. sam was in good spirits as he hit the stage solo with just his acoustic guitar. just him and the crowd. he just came from red rocks opening for flight of the conchords. our concert was extra special because fans got to vote for the set. lucky concert goers got commemorative tickets (sorry pic to the right is blurry). the graphic design on it reminds me a lot of frank lloyd wright.

i snoozed on the voting and recalled too late to cast my vote. sam, however, played my favs "passing afternoon" and "each coming night". he did not play jac's fav "flightless bird, american mouth".

set list of what i could recollect:
each coming night
song he never played before live
bird stealing bread
radio war
some song he did with isaac brock (modest mouse) for his side project, ugly casanova
passing afternoon
resurrection fern
fever dream
sunset soon forgotten
communion cups and someone's coat
sodum, south georgia
trapeze swinger

such great heights
some song this dude literally raised his hand for half the show to request

does anyone have the whole set list? also, those attending tonight's show i would be interested in seeing your's. sam said they would not be the same, but more songs that he knew. i guess i can wait for it to be posted here too, but would love to hear from others in attendance last night and tonight. :)

abron's was the perfect setting for the intimate concert complete with cushy seats. sam was uber chill and a bit burned by the 2 weeks of touring. i didn't mind. i liked his slip ups, tuning and wonky cable problems. he seems to just go about it without too much fuss. love me some sam beam. he provides the perfect lullaby before bed.


Melanie said...

oh, he played jezebel??!? NOW i'm jealous...

-m said...

love iron and wine!!!

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