Sunday, May 17, 2009

happy birthday to me

vinyl find of the year: not one, not two, but SEVEN sam cooke 45s. i've been searching for some sam cooke on vinyl and not until today was i able to find some. i was strolling the 5th avenue street fair with jason and behold the fifth avenue records & tapes. they had 45s and lps. i bought all their 45s because finding a collection like that it rare. and oh yes, shar had to have them. i may go back for the lps, but i'm content with my 45s for now:

"chain gang"/"cupid"
"twistin the night away"/"you send me"
"wonderful world"/everybody loves to cha cha cha"
"another saturday night"/"send me some lovin'"
"shake"/"cousin of mine"
"having a party"/"bring it on home to me"
"good times"/"frankie and johnny"

notice no uber sought out "change is gonna come". i also would like "love will find a way", "sad mood", "that's where it's at" and "i'll come running back to you".

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