Monday, July 13, 2009

green-wood cemetery

completed new york to do: green-wood cemetery. shar's got a list of things to do in ny. she likes lists and likes checking off her accomplishments. this one's been chiming to be done, so i took out the cruiser and biked down to the famed resting place of leonard bernstien and jean-michel basquiat. unfortunately, i didn't do my homework before to map out their sites. next time. it's quite the spot and i don't know if i was especially drawn to this spot on sunday because of all the dead like me i've been watching or my desire to see how it compared to woodlawn. in any case, it's a great place for quiet and contemplation.

yes the pure sweet undying love
which he to us hath given
is stricken here to bloom again
within the courts of heaven

battle hill

how's about a new condo with a view of green-wood?

1 comment:

Mollie said...

I love the crypts that seemingly go into the middle of hills... they are so amazing! Cool pix Shar!

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