Saturday, July 18, 2009

tvb at mighty

best soundtrack for summer: the very best at mighty. shar's been digging the tunes of this pairing of malawian singer and london-based deejay. i first heard of him on a mix from all songs considered early this year. his sound infuses tradition african beats with some the popular names of indie rock, like vampire weekend and mia. they are the best tunes for the summer of '09. i'm still not sure why it's not infusing the streets and more importantly beaches. dowload it off their myspace page. you won't be sorry.

so kids of the east coast get your arses to lpr for his set tonight. you won't be sorry. look it's esau shedding his jacket to get into his groove. you don't wanna miss that.

lastly listen to esau's new track with ezra koening of vampire weekend off his official album to get you in the pre-concert mood.

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