Friday, July 17, 2009

fltgc: sf edition

must sf fltgc trifecta:
1.) buddy system at rare device. i just learned about this spot after reading about it in the chron. kelly lynn jones of little paper planes curated this group show, where four artists ask four others to join in and showcase their works. shar loved this space. it was very reminiscent of park life to me.
(lt to rt) trick candles, clare grill; soulmate, matt momchilov and hiding in the sun, jess wheaton
summering 1, caitlin gallupe

the future, maybe, bridget moser; headressing, clare grill; a poem about touching face, nathaniel russell

caitlin gallupe's book, runoff, that accompanies her works. SQUIRREL!

2.) forest station at bibliohead bookstore. this is the show of my dear friend kristin farr. i wasn't there for opening night but i promised to check it out while i was in town. bravo kristin! big foots are still my fav.

3.) paul wackers' new work at luggage store. talk about undescript, unmarked doors. i was directed to the place from a flyer at stop #1 of the gallery crawl. so jaunted over to market street after a bialy and ginger sammie cookie at citizen cake. looking for 1007 market street is a whirl. luckly the blacked out door that is 1007 opened to this:

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