Thursday, July 16, 2009

whut up hut!

best way to walk like an egyptian: tutankhamun and the golden age of pharoahs at the deyoung. lin was kind enough to get the much sought out ticket. we hit the 10:30 group and boy was it already packed. so much for beating crowds. it was quite the production from the start. you are held in a holding room to watch a 90 second intro narrated by omar sharif. dr. zhivago sure makes ancient egypt dreamy. the door opens to the bust of the boy king - tut. dramatic yes? i was mistaken and tut was not really there. just his treasures which were magnificent themselves. it was way too crowded. even though i spent time with each piece and continued even when the alarm going off three times, my whole thought going through it was when is this over. the last bit was the best with a digital representation of tut and his adornments. the pieces are quite teh sight, but the crowds were a joy kill.

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Angelina said...

Damn that sounds like a bit of an overwhelming experience. They actually have alarms sounding to tell you to move on to the next exhibit? That's a bit much. I wonder how long I should wait before I try to check out the Tut exhibit. Yikes!

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