Thursday, August 13, 2009

bat for lashes @ webster hall

best use of props: bat for lashes at webster hall. do you like wolves? natasha khan does. from the backdrop to the tapestry hanging over her piano, the set was wolf-tastic and so was bat for lashes. ms. khan jumped into a "glass" and followed up with "sleep alone". the crowd was in for some haunting, lush tones from the very first raise of natasha's faux hair sleeves.

natasha didn't talk to much during the set though she responded to an erratic "you're amazing" with an equally erratic "thank you".

encore included: "good love", "moon and moon", "trophy" and karate kid favorite "daniel". music slut has some pics and setlist here.

band to watch: other lives.
this oklahoma outfit composes string heavy tunes that blur the lines between progressive rock and good ol' folk. check out their vid for am theme. it's arty goodness.


itskazzz said...

I just listened to the album version of glass and I must say, her voice sounds 100 x better live.

sharock said...

totally agree with you.

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