Friday, August 14, 2009

x: the multiples exhibition

best grouping: x: the multiples exhibition at glowlab. christina was again lovely and told me some bits about the artists in the show. i was already familiar with david kesting and roberto molla, but emily heneretta was someone new to me. she will be the next artist up to show at glowlab. she currently has silkscreened tees and totes available for sale at glowlab. look out for bigger pieces and a sculpture.

kelly mira las estrellas, roberto molla
once, brian leo
collection of untitleds, heather l. johnson. i really dug these pieces since i cross stitched in my teens. christina told me about how the artist tries to capture fleeting moments or sounds or landscape with a craft that is tedious and a bit time consuming. it makes something that is transient tangible.
hello mom, heather l. johnson
univerisal minds, lucas price

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