Sunday, August 16, 2009

road trip: ma - me - nh

must road trip: brooklyn to boston to kennebunkport to portland to whitefield. this road trip came about with the idea to see ms. ariela morgenstern perform at the weathervane theatre. soon enough maine got tacked on since we (jac, mollie and i) have not been to the state. last boston was on the itinerary as mollie and i helped tara moved to her new digs in bean town for her new life as a mba student at smarty pants mit. shar endured 6 hours of sitting on the ground of a uhaul.

saturday, the trio hit the road with an electric blue ford focus. p.s. enterprise has impeccable customer service. first up was a quest for fried clams at the clam shack in kennebuckport.

a req my pal marie provided that i am most grateful for. these fried suckers were delicious! mmm.

i follow that with the beer sampler at federal jacks. the shipyard brown ale won out of the nine tasters. we went back to the clam shack for an award winning lobstah roll. mmmmm!

next back in the focus and onto portland for some fries fried in duck fat. where do you get these crazy pomme frites? duck fat restaurant. no joke. mollie braved the poutine, jac got the blueberry duck confit salad and i got frites with truffle ketchup. the spot also has homemade cream soda, a steller root beer float and root beer on tap.

buh bye portland, hello whitefield. we checked into barron brook inn, where innkeeper jason was uber chatty. we had just enough time to freshen up before seeing ms. ariela in curtains. we were fortunate enough to have post-show drinks and dinner with the star of the show.

sunday, up early for breakfast. jac and i caneoed the waters behind the barron brook. we had to hop a beaver dam. it was quite a feat. while mollie was catching up with her bff, jac and i trekked mt. prospect. the trail was mushy and some of the trail was overgorwn, but the highlight of the trail would have to be running into a bare ass. yup, some biker decided to dump one on the side of the trail we were walking on. classic!


jesssse said...

Hey Sharlene, this is Joon's boyfriend Jesse. I saw your blog on Virginia's blog a couple weeks ago, so I subscribed in Google Reader.

Anyway, Joon and I ate at Hugo's in Portland, which I think is owned by the same people/person as Duckfat. I think Joon liked it more than I did, but it was probably the most interesting meal I'd ever eaten (up to that point; now I think lunch at Momofuku Ko has taken its place). I probably would've liked eating at Duckfat more, though.

Angelina said...

Wow what a fun weekend! That good looks sooooo yummy too. I'm super impressed that you gals were able to squeeze in so many places all in one weekend!

sharock said...

jesse, two words - duck fat. nuff said.

angelina, the northeast is really tiny compared to cali.

Andy Joe said...

what a great trip! but i'm growing concerned about the number of unfortunate encounters you're having... first the 'dog walker' and now the biker. aye yi yi.

Mollie said...

mmmm... fried clams. I've been dreaming about them.

grace said...

SHAR! i want your life. take me with you next time ^_^
how are you?

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