Sunday, September 27, 2009


best breaking: groovaloo. former b-boy dean clued me into this performance and it was perfect for angelina's last night in new york, as she is a connoisseur of hip hop culture. we also had the equally hip hop savvy vanessa in tow. with the rise of abdc, sytycd and america's got talent, the forum for breaking has been highlighted more in the past couple years. shar isn't an expert of breaking like my fellow theatre goers, but i did enjoy the masterful skill and acrobatics of it all.

last night's closing performance at the joyce theatre was thrilling and testament to how the hip hop culture has come into mass culture recognition. the production was packaged for a general audience, complete with spoken word monologues for each dancers' stories. this reminded me of my friends at youth speaks and poetry mission. i would have liked to see more of the "raw" side of the dance...dare i say hyphy, but i understand the need to create a narrative and history for those less familiar.

needless to say, the crowd was thoroughly entertained. there was a little boy in front of us waving his arms throughout the performance. an older couple behind him (i'm guessing his grandparents) had brought him. they were in suit and dress. it was telling how diverse the audience has become for this once underground dance.

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