Saturday, September 26, 2009


noteworhty visceral performance: closing night for in-i. i wrote about this previously and got me some tickets for closing night. my pal angelina was in town and down for some brooklyn arts goodness.

i read a so so review from the uk stint, but my friend catherine gave it a glowing review. my perspective of it was a little in between. i liked it, but didn't whole-heartily set it to my heart's of hearts. this is why:
1.) wassup with the squeaky shoe action?
2.) i could have done without the monologues. bring on the dancing.
3.) although juliette binoche does an excellent job keeping up with akram khan (he choreographed kylie minogue's showgirl concert), she is no virtuoso of dance.

all in all, i had a great evening of artistic stimulation. i did enjoy the frenzy of kinetic movement that binoche and khan displayed. angelina was almost moved to tears. i, of course, shed few tears because i am the girl with no soul. i cry inside people. it was a performance that moved me to think about love that engulfs your every being. unable to be without another person. long for them despite their resistance. it's a telling tale of desire, bonding and strife. intense!

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Angelina Fong Designs said...

Thanks again so much for inviting me to this amazing performance! I enjoyed it so much!! It's great to have the opportunity to take in the arts while I'm out here in Brooklyn!

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