Saturday, September 26, 2009

bay area news project

most newsworthy: bay area news project.Dear Sharock,

In the spirit of news eminences such as Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite, KQED has been your television and radio source for accurate, factual, local, national, and world news for more than 55 years. However, we are now finding that newsrooms are shrinking and meaningful content is vanishing, replaced with sound bites, often "… full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." So today we are very proud to announce a new, not-for-profit collaborative news initiative that will focus on local topics that are increasingly underserved. San Francisco business leader Warren Hellman spearheads this brave new venture; joining KQED is the University of California Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, as well as our print distribution partner, The New York Times.

The News Project plans to debut in early 2010. As one of the most sophisticated markets in the world, the Bay Area deserves a robust multi-platform news service. The new service is intended to feature original content produced by the professional journalists of the Bay Area News Project, as well as the journalists of the KQED Radio newsroom. It will be distributed online, mobile, and through other media platforms, so no matter how you choose to get your news, we’ll be your go-to source. Read more, then tell us what you think. We welcome your thoughts and feedback.

And thanks for your loyalty to KQED.

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