Wednesday, October 21, 2009

antlers @ soundfix

best cmj in store: the antlers at soundfix. shar's second cmj freebie gig. i was expecting to see the antlers at the soundfix lounge, but it's been closed for some time. proof that shar has not been to billyburg in a while. i loved the space. that's where i first saw bon iver.

in any case, i walked the block to the new space. the performance was cozy against the racks of cds and vinyl. i first learned about the antlers earlier this year when they put excepts of hospice online for first listen. i'm also just realizing they opened for lucinda black bear when i saw them in early january at cake shop.

fast forward nine months later...

peter proclaimed that this set would be a mellow one for those recovering from their cmj hangovers. darby confessed he wasn't hungover, and mike teased him about his argyle socks. they didn't sort out a set list, so the impromptu set included "shiva", "two", darby's choice "kettering" and audience requested "bear". the crowd was mesmerized, and even peter had to comment on the silence.

"it's so quiet when people aren't drinking."

very true, peter. here's to more intimate gigs at soundfix sans clanging bottles. hurrah! here's a vid of the antlers at dc's all our noise since i was lame a forgot my camera to document the set.

AON Sessions: The Antlers, "Two" from All Our Noise on Vimeo.

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