Monday, October 19, 2009

fanfarlo @ rebel nyc

best cmj warm up: fanfarlo at rebel nyc. shar got an invite to the syndicate showcase, and she sure couldn't pass up a good free show with a swede frontman. simon and the gang hit the stage a bit late from their scheduled 11pm set time. cathy seemed perturbed by the sound check, but all was well in the end. she was clad in a levi's zippy and bespectacled. that's her on mandolin below.

i was ahmazed at a simple unzip revealed a fem blouse and no glasses.

saki made a good comparison of fanfarlo to beirut, but i think they are more upbeat with a little less slavic gypsy influence. you can decided for yourself and listen to their latest album, reservoir below.

fanfarlo plays lots of instruments to produce a jubilant party of whimsy. check simon out on the clarinet.

for those who haven't see them live there is a black cab sesh in london and one stateside. sorry i couldn't embedded i don't have vimeo plus. since i suck at getting you embedded black cab sessions, here's a segment they just did on atc for npr.

best giveaway:

jealous? i know you are.

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