Saturday, October 17, 2009


much anticipated viewing: where the wild things are. shar's been wanting to see they classic children's adaptation since arcade fire's "wake up" flooded the trailer. don't wanna give too much away for of you yet to see it, but expectations were high and sadly not met. however, the film did have some really great moments of laughter and heart. also, really enjoyed karen o's soundtrack, which really captured the heart of childhood and truly being a wild thing.

i left with my crown intact and happy to have seen the film despite its missteps. yes, i wore it all the way home and yes people ask for my review.


Andy Joe said...

i've heard there's too much of the wild things moping around, but i've still got to check it out. the fresh air interview w/ s. jonze about the 'making of' was pretty interesting ( the crown becomes you. i used to call crayons 'crowns'.

grace said...

omg, i love it!
and i can't wait to see the flick~
hi shar! ^_^

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