Friday, October 16, 2009

fltgc: white columns

much much belated gallery visit: white columns. shar's been wanting to pop into this gallery since seeing their showing at the armory. currently on show is registered, a collage of photos and mix media artworks. i was quite taken by margarida correia. sorry friends, shar sucks and forgot her camera for this crawl. boo on shar! more reason for you folks in ny to check out the show that goes on until october 24.

the impeccable composition of correia's photos juxtaposes the rooms artifacts into a narrative of who has/had occupied them. this was one of my favs in the show. mostly because there was an old school star war toy boxes. on the top shelf. makes me think of the little boy that lived in the room and all the crazy adventures he had.

i missed her artwork at abc no rio's recent hanging out at no rio. i'll keep a keen eye on this portuguese photog and you should too.

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