Friday, October 9, 2009

fltgc: wild things to obamas

best preview for wtwta: the art of maurice sendak at animazing gallery. this is a coast to coast celebration. they are celebrating maurice over in sf at the contemporary jewish museum. shar got totally yelled at when i tried to take pics. i was able to sneak in these from the less patrolled downstairs space.

i really want this to be my xmas card this year.

did you know maurice did little bear too?

best exhibit to celebrate obama's nobel peace prize: kurt kauper's barack and michelle obama at deitch. whether you are cheering for barack's prize or puzzled, kauper's portrait are set against subtle backdrops that question the icons at the forefront.

must gory exhibit to roll in halloween: francine spiegel's mud and milk. francie creates melty, zombie-like paintings of females. reminds me on b-movie poster melting like wax.

whoa nellie!


Angelina Fong Designs said...

You're such a rebel... sneaking in pics even after you got yelled at. haha. It's like when we went to BAM. LOL. Cool pics and really cool exhibit!! Man I miss NY!

Albert said...

You'll love this,

sharock said...

angelina, you know i'm expert at sneeking pics.

albert, thanks for the link to the nucleus gallery. i do love it!

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