Monday, November 16, 2009

neko case at beacon theatre

best live vocals: neko case at beacon theatre. shar's seen neko with the new pornographers (missed ya julie) but never solo. i shelled out the duckets to see her at the famed beacon theatre. that was a first for me as well. the theatre is gorgeous and reminds me of a mix of the paramount and warfield back home. i was up in the lower balcony, but still a nice bird's eye view of the flaming redhead siren.

the night was a good mix of her latest effort, "middle cyclone" and also a lot of my favs from "fox confessor brings the flood". neko started it off with "things that scare me" and then one of my all time favs "maybe sparrow". clad in a satin red dress, she said she got it at cougars 'r us. really she got it at a mall in boston. she and kelly barreled through "people got a lot of nerve", which just made me envision the cute video with the whale.

the evening was just what i was expecting and little more. lots more tracks played from "fox confessor" that were quite the treat - "that teenage feeling", "margaret vs. pauline"and "hold on, hold on".

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