Saturday, November 14, 2009

shar got

friends, this is uber awesome 2010 slingshot organizer. it's just the thing you need to get you set for 2010. yes, shar is already planning for next year. i found out about it on the front page of needles & pens. i was going to wait until i went home for the hols, but the desire for the organizer was too great. so i researched new york retailers. lo and behold bluestockings radical books in les carried various colors. i went with the silver on beet. brooklyn purveyors of the 2010 slingshot organizer are:

beacon's closet
spoonbill & sugartown books
vox pop

all in billyburg except for the later. i loved my moleskin this year, but for only $6 you can support slingshot's zine and get a schnazzy planner.

1 comment:

Angelina said...

Very cool!! Now I want one! hehe

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