Saturday, November 14, 2009

zee avi at housing works

must box her up and sell her performance: zee avi at housing works bookstore. zee is ahhhhh-dooraaah-able, and shar has raved about her before. i finally got to see the pint-sized lady last night and it was quite the treat despite the cramped, hot corner in the back.

she jumped in with "poppy" (my roomie's fav) which the audience was happy to contribute snaps. my roomie and i could not help but sing "the poppy took my baby away from me". a real treat followed. when zee covered interpol's "slow hands". i was only able to get two minutes of it.

i love when artists take a song and flip the sound. in this case a rather infused jangle of guitars against paul's gutteral vocals is transformed into a sweet acoustic driven ballad. zee continued to charm us with her first single "bitter heart", which the crowd was more than happy to sing along to. her only happy love song "honey bee" followed. she introduced "just you and me" as an existentialist's song. lastly, she "encored" with my fav her's (via morrissey) "the first of the gang to die".

hanna and i hit zee up for a group pic and learned she recently moved to billyburg. brooklynites, let's make her feel welcome. she's a gem!

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Angelina said...

You're so lucky you got to see her! I still need to get her album. Remind me!!

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