Friday, November 13, 2009

fltgc: stages

best "group show" for a cause: stages. since my cohort was busy at another event, shar headed out on this solo effort. it was a treasure chest of a lot of my favs, such as os gemeos, yoshitomo nara, kaws and richard prince. there's a little video room in the back with cushy chairs to watch artist vignettes. i only got through one on tom sachs, but i'll prolly be back to see the exhibit again. the vid above does a good job describing the project and my pics of my favs.

kaws, the end

yoshitomo nara, fire

eric white, foyer

cai guo-qiang, tree with yellow blossoms

richard prince, i'm not coming home

os gemeos, o coletor de cabecas

tom sachs, lance's tequila bike for girls

ed ruscha, vital to the core

geoff mcfertridge, even the simplest shapes wish to become legos on day

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