Thursday, November 5, 2009

ricky gervais at carnegie hall

ridiculously belated live performance: ricky gervais at carnegie hall. golly, oh golly! shar's loved sir gervais (he should be knighted in my book) for ages, so when i heard he was coming to new york i had to get tickets. luckily, karen and dean were equally as stoked as i was.

opening for ricky was one todd barry. he made a crack about his californian friends that didn't want to eat mexican food in new york. ummm, todd i will agree that there are mexicans in new york that make good mexican food, but you missed an important point....burritos. it's all about the cali burritos. dear lordy loo, i miss me some el farito super carne asada.

louis c.k. had taped an intro bit for ricky about his consumption of a certain bodily fluid. it was hilarious to say the least. disgusting, but funny. he ran through subjects like fat people, gay marriage, charity as gifts and so on. my favorite by far was when he pulled out an old book he had as a child about the classic story of noah's ark. ricky began to read and poke fun at evolution, god and gay innuendos in children's illustrations. it was classic gervais. he makes stand-up seem so effortless and on the fly.

the finale had one special muppet guest duet with him on "new york, new york." ricky sure has some pipes but he was in a band afterall.


itskazzz said...

My fav part: Ricky explaining that with 6 million species of animals, the story of Noah's ark might not be so accurate.

Looking at the illustration: "look, there are already 2 giraffes on the boat and look how much room they're taking up. How on earth is he going to fit those fat f*ck elehpants!!"

Also, Ricky's impression of a spider was priceless.

sharock said...

spiders are always on alert. they are like the matrix. you can't get them from any angle.

Andy Joe said...

I would have loved that show! p.s. I walked past El Farolito about an hour ago. There was hardly any line at all... the expression on the cooks' faces seem to ask, "Where's Shar?" as they pushed the sizzling beef around the on grill.

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