Friday, November 6, 2009

fltgc: team gallery, artist's space, deitch, 92ytribeca

belated fltgc: team gallery and artist's space. jac and i were sidetracked last week, so we hit up what we intended on last week. first up was team with mutean/rosenblum's untitled. both jac and i were interested when we saw the write up and pic in tony. we both were taken by the notes attached to the paintings.

when one's heart has been broken into, all sorts of weakness are free to enter, shame, anger, stupid indignation, stupid fears - stupid laughter, too
the best way to take people is to to take them for what they think they are. then leave them alone.

because there is no escape from what does not exist.

my fav was the later. the note and the image kinda suits how i'm feeling lately.

next up was marc camille chaimowicz's enough tiranny recalled, 1972-2009. this was our first venture back to the newly renovated artists space, which is now much more open. we dreamed of how awesome it would be to live in the space. chaimowicz has turned the space into a den of lights, found objects and pools of fishes.

we threw in a few more galleries for good measure. at deitch wooster, kristin baker has a vibrant exhibit up entitled splitting twilight. it just opened yesterday and going on until december 19.

last up was 92ytribeca, jac has been walking by the exhibit everyday. jessica dressner has an exhibit up on chinese astrology. dude, we had to support our people. her's her take on mine and jac's sign. isn't it cute?

she and denny renshaw collab with sufjan steven's ablum art and the BQE film.

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