Wednesday, December 30, 2009

fltgc (sf edition): mocfa, sfmoma, needles and pins

much belated fltgc location: san francisco. sorry shar's been mia with the gallery crawlin'. okay it's not friday but i've got the fine ladies of spark, kristin and marie, in tow. first up was the museum of craft and folk art. i'd never been or even known of its existence, but marie clued me in on the embroidery exhibit that was going on. they let you embroider couches.

stitch kristin, stitch!

from there we hit sfmoma for the "new" sculpture garden, but not before checking out the 75th anniversary exhibit. kristin and marie having a good time with the golden beaded curtain.

the exhibit was pretty much the permanent collection moved to the second floor. kristin and i were stoked for the barry mcgee though.

chris johansen, the sunlight of the spirit is the warmth of love. kristin said when she interviewed him that he said the background was all good and positive, but those wooden sculptures were bad.

last up was needles and pins for some 25 cent art. i had wanted to go and check out the latest here when marie and kristin told me about the 25 cent candy machines that dole out art. they got a bunch of drawings that they weren't so happy with. also, takes a little more than 25 cents to get your art if the spiral isn't lined up right. i was not dissuaded to get me one.

i got me a little paiting on a scrap of wood. it's got a silver whale against multi-colored shapes. cost me 50 cents. SCORE!

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