Sunday, January 10, 2010

a single man

singles date realized: a single man at the paris theatre. shar's been dying to see this flick and finally got my sweet arse in a lovely blue velvet seat at the paris theatre. it's a lovely one screen outfit. i highly recommend seeing a flick there.

so many have written about the film. my friend catherine does a great job describing the look. i wasn't as much of a fan of the color saturation as she was. colin firth was good, especially in the scene when he learns of his lovers fatal car accident. (jon hamm/don draper is the voice of cousin hank, bearer of bad news.) although he gets me in that scene, shar has to admit the oscar talk might be a bit premature. come to think of it i can't think of a noteworthy male performance this year. mr. darcy deserves his nom.

i was ahmazed at how much the lil boy from about a boy (nicholas hoult) has grown up. still has that slight unibrow, but boy is now man.

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