Sunday, January 10, 2010

kandinsky at the gugg

just before close exhibit: kandinsky at the guggenheim. the russian closes at the gugg january 13, jac, jenni and i got in there early. didn't really matter because it was still packed when it opened. we took the fast track since someone is now a member. bilbao, venice and berlin here i come.

first, new york with my russian. geometry, landscapes, music and science. they were all themes in kandinsky's work. he works a dreamy flow of color and shapes. i opted out on the audio tour and hit play on my ipod for a bit. songs of choice for his mid-career were alberto iglesias' "me voy a morir de tanto amor" and suite bergmanesque "clair de lune".

extra goodness: anish kapoor's memory. this was really something you have to see in person. it looks like the steel pod is about to explode in the space. also, have fun talking into its insides. echo anyone? it's up until march 28.

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Angelina said...

Oooh, I wish I could get out there to see that Kandinsky exhibit. I'm such a fan!

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