Friday, January 8, 2010

fltgc: haus projects and team gallery

somewhat disappointing fltgc effort: stanley whitney at team gallery. colored boxes for his untitled '10 was described as:

Whitney's work presents, real, tangible, visible relationships - of the brush to the canvas, of the artist to his labor, of the artist to a world-view, and of the artist to a visual sign of his authorship; nothing is occluded, everything is out there. The paintings are what they are but their potent impact, their sensuousness, their attractiveness, remains nevertheless mysterious. It is possible that Whitney's greatest accomplishment - and he pulls it off in every painting - is that these effortless paintings possess such severe conviction. In Whitney's work, daily labor becomes akin to spiritual practice.

shar and jac aren't exactly sure we got that. maybe too simplistic to look beyond the time spent i guess.

impromptu visit: versus at hous projects. jac had to make an exchange with leonard, so we were at the steps of hous projects. shar's only been one other time and quite enjoyed it. i was taken by this one:

jac liked this one:
quiet times for galleries this week. upcoming goodness for the year includes glowlab's launch of glowlounge with artist talks. jac and i are hitting up zurcher studios next week for this action:

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