Friday, February 26, 2010

let the great world snow

best warm-up to book club: colum mccann at powerhouse arena. shar had nominated the let the great world spin for book club and was recently approved for april's book choice. hurrah! i had gotten the book a month ago, but saved it on the off chance i would have an opportunity to discuss with fellow bookworms.

when bam notified me of this awesome opportunity for a free reading by colum, i would not let the crazy nor'easter stop me. colum sure has a way with voices. jac oddly enough asked me for audio book recs early this week and well i wish i had heard colum read earlier. he has a lovely way of evoking personalities with words and diction. of the passages he read, my anticipation for the characters and how their stories will intertwine has been piqued. colum revealed that j.j. abrams would be directing the adaptation to film when discussing whether or not cinema influences his writing. he admitted it did and said he uses quite a few film terms to explain writing to his students at hunter college. twas a lovely friday evening nestled in the snow.

column mccann and daniel maneker

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