Sunday, February 28, 2010

morning benders with surfer blood at market hotel

must no excuses gig: morning benders at market hotel. shar has been crushin' on this outfit from berkeley since the yours truly vid went up. lush and layered harmonies carried by chris's amazing pipes. (pipes he used to apologize to me when i was in his way to the stage.) there's a great example of his talent via you tube of his cover of roy orbison's "crying". unfortunately, they didn't even play their single "excuses", that's garnered them praise. there was a bit of technical sound issues, but they did cover neil young's "bad fog of loneliness" as an encore. i yelled, "do it for bridge school". i don't think they heard. encores are indeed rare for opening bands but well-deserved in this case.

i actually pulled myself from drinks in les to go back to bushwick to see the much touted surfer blood, the main attraction for the night. i caught their sound check prior to morning benders hitting the stage. i really couldn't not go back to see their actual set. if you haven't heard them, listen to a nice segment npr did on them, including tracks "catholic pagan" and "swim". both songs were played tonight.

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