Wednesday, February 24, 2010

mark price at glow lounge

best better late than never: glowlounge with mark price. i was fortunate enough to catch the last in a series of artist talks at glowlab. christina was, as always, the perfect hostess. just about 10 of us in the space talking art with artist mark price. he is an earnest and sweet guy, who was patient enough to tell me about his process and all the diy ways to create your own screen prints. thanks mark!

lights went dim and slide show began. mark spoke of his early influences of the industrial landscapes he lived in proximity to outside of philly. starting largely with training with text for advertising, he toyed with the use of text juxtaposed to the images it related to in his prints. as his work progressed, the text fell away and what remained were drawings of disaster. at the center was a sinuous character often buried in the explosions and chaos.

his latest works he delivered to glow lab this night were panels in which he screened the edges as well. he said all the good secrets were at the top. here's an overhead shot.

mark chats bill bob todd

mark price fans with homemade tees! i want one.

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