Friday, February 5, 2010

slb: ra ra riot and the antlers

belated concert venue: gilman opera house at bam. shar was wowed by the grandeur of the space. i've been to bam cafe, but not the opera house. i was more than happy to have my first time at the venue be for the antlers and ra ra riot. i'd seen both the bands before, but tonight's gig was a whole other monster.

when peter, darby and mike hit the stage, it was a stark contrast to the cozy nature in which i saw them last time. the acoustics in the venue were suited the crescendo of melodious cacophony.
that's an oxymoron, but it's really the right description for it. the applause throughout prompted peter to say how he was going to miss brooklyn when they leave in a few days. awwww, we'll miss you too. they'll be in my hometown on monday. hey home friends, go see the antlers at the warfield. you won't be sorry. peter will have you at his falsetto.

ra ra riot wa
s suited to play an opera house with alexandra and rebecca on electric cello and violin. in fact, they were joined on stage with additional strings and horns. the gang played a ton from the rhumb line, like "can you tell", "ghosts under rocks", and "oh la". during my fav "dying is fine", wes doled out high fives across the audience hugging the stage. they also played three new tunes from their forthcoming album due out this summer. the sextet was in fine form and looking forward to more new tunes.

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