Wednesday, February 17, 2010

taken by trees at knitting factory

unexpected live sound: taken by trees at knitting factory. victoria was how i last remembered her in concert. cold and not uber chatty. she opened up with video footage from her trip to pakistan, which inspired her last album east of eden. i was a bit bummed because the sufi wind instrumentation was replaced with synth keys. it totally took away from the worldly album that i fell in love with.
i did enjoy victoria more this time around. she was more chattier than last time, though that's not much convo. announcing that she would play an old song before "too young" and "lost and found". saying she would be doing a song by someone else before "my girls". she thanked us for being quiet for an acoustic rendition of "tidens gang".

the one rare wind instrument

headliner el perro del mar
i enjoyed her more the second time around. she was busting out the dance moves. i think she's learned a few form touring with lykke li.

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