Friday, February 19, 2010

fltgc: glowlab and team gallery

best yet to come gallery: glowlab, soon to be christina ray. i was fortunate enough to pop in when christina was in. i love when she's there because she gives me a full run down of all that's to come at the space. she's uber busy with the new name change happening during two upcoming ny art shows fountain and pulse. at the later, christina will be proud to present works from roberto molla, who will also be in attendance at the fair. christina ray and crew will be on hand at fountain to fundraise for swoon's latest project points of interest in braddock, pa. they will be selling screen prints from the braddock screen printing shop.

swoon's swimming cities of swtichback seas

next up for glowlab is mark price's glowlouge, which i'll be checking out. stay tuned for a write up.
must fun with paper: gert & uwe tobias at team gallery. these twin brothers create colorful works on paper. here's a special woodblock print especially for their show at team. sorry for glare.
i really loved their playful cutting of books and plays on binding. the reflection of the fluorescent lighting adds a nice tiouch don't you think?

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