Monday, March 22, 2010

perfect day: sf

it's always hard to get in everything i love about sf on my short trips, but i think i managed to get in a perfect day this sunday. check it!

after a visit with gramps, tunes hunting at green apple annex
i miss green apple a ton. i always tucked in at a listening station, engulfing myself with new discoveries and finding new appreciation for old favorites. i love all the faded descriptions written enthusiastically by the green apple crew. i also was able to read my pal kristin's article in the latest issue of juxtapoz.

headed a few blocks down to catch the "bro palace" show at park life.

jay howell

my fav jay howell. i wish i could cut out this sheet rock panel.

porous walker

hi-5 porous walker

next up, couch time with the joe's watching cal fall to duke. :( al pastor super burrito at el farolito with my bff and dessert at bi-rite. ginger and salted caramel! last stop, the ritual for some sweet java gold. hey new york pals, guess what i'm bringing home?

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