Thursday, March 25, 2010


great second time around city: portland. shar rocked portland with her bff back in 2006, and lurved it. this time around work brought me to the lovely city in the pacific northwest. this time there was no car and julie from van headed south to meet up for some good times.
ahhh land of stumptown. we hit the downtown branch.

jule's and her star wars inspired powell's tee

got these and split them with julie. friendship charms are so passe. cupcake keys are the rage.
breakie at bijou cafe

my chicken salad sammy from bunk's in mid-prep. i was hoping to order a mcnulty with a side of beadie, but it wasn't on the menu.

a kind sir from sf clued me in to this spot. got me the best coast's debut 7" and a naomi shelton 45". SCORE!


Melanie said...

shar, you are officially my other twin in that 4th pic down!

jac said...

i agree!! you have taken my place :(

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