Monday, April 12, 2010

freelance whales at other music

best get in their face in store: freelance whales at other music. julie (wish you were here) tipped me off on this freebie goodness. freelance whales say hi. insert fin wave.

i learned about the whales from none other than npr. surprised? you shouldn't be. they did an ab fab xpn sesh. freelance whales infuse the banjo, harmonium, xylophone, mandolin, guitar and bass tenor drum. the band members pass around banjo, xylophone and guitar. very much like arcade fire. they all sing too. fun! "generator 1st floor" totally reminds me of a toned down architecture in helsinski. here's a nice vid shot from npr at sxsw.

it was a treat to see them in other music all cozy. sans mics. just voices soaring against cd racks.

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Jessica said...

Well Hello! I saw you linked the Freelance Whales pic back to our site. Muchos Gracias! How would you like to pick up some indie rock shows and write about it for the Dead Hub? We are looking to increase our writers in NY. Jessica at :)

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