Saturday, April 3, 2010


best whirlwind travel: london - assisi - rome. fresh off a week in portland, shar was off to london for meetings and threw in a roman holiday to visit her pal kristen along with the rest of the mcredmond clan. here is some of the goodness that ensued.

this is what a proper pub quiz looks like. we came in third. not bad for a team with a pair of yanks.
roger and jenny
me and paul, the mayor of angel, in slim jim's (apparently their version of a sf dive bar and possibly my new local)
me and teresa
fresh sicilian canolis hand carried by the mcredmond's
our amazing room in assisi...with a view
the mcredmonds
prepping for the procession on good friday

me and kristen in piazza navona

buccatini alla amatriciana at miraggio in the trastevere area
st. peter's square
saw this dude on the easter eve


jac said...

oh boy, jealousy hurts! looked gorgeous!!!

Angelina Fong Designs said...

Wow what an amazing trip!!!!

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