Saturday, May 29, 2010

fltgc: white cube and seventeen

first but not last gallery field trip: white cube, hoxton square. shar was here back in december for some good ol' damien hirst. this time it was marc quinn, who i'm not too familiar with. i was amused by marc's sculptures ranging from the black and white michael jackson ground placed busts to the preggers thomas beatie. the bronzes of the former contestant on dancing with the stars, pam anderson, somehow enhanced her golden tan a la baywatch and her ummm surgical enhancements.

best recommendation: seventeen gallery. the loverily christina ray passed along this delightful trove of art goodness when i told her about my london stint. i was able to catch abigail reynold's strange attractor show on it's last day. i loved the intricately spliced images of layered ornate period rooms. they are like a fusion of origami and rococo.

the gallery attendant pointed me towards the other exhibit located in the depths of seventeen. i was greeted with a montage of videos from forcefield (a former whitney biennial artist circa 2002).

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