Tuesday, May 4, 2010

shar and sharon

soon to be face to face: sharon van etten. shar's been really wanting to see her for about a year, but our paths have not crossed. i was kicking myself that i was missing her on friday. she's playing union hall, and shar will be at y92 for patrick watson and doveman. but after some interwebbing, i discovered she's doing an in store at rough trade a day after my bday. happy birthday to me. so sharon, i will see you then on the other side of the pond. UPDATE: shar's lame and i wont' see sharon afterall. the concert was last year. :(

so you too can be thoroughly enthralled by her ghostly voice. this is a performance that prolly made npr's robin hilton cry.

still not enough, check her daytrotter sesh here.

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